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Run, Jump, Hang, Climb!
Mental Fitness Through Movements


Run, Jump, swing, climb and balance! Solve problems and experience an adventure like never before...

In your neighbourhood! 

With Acrominds Weekly, kids explore physical-mental prowess through tasks, challenges, activities, role-playing & games designed to create a confidence-boosting learning journey at every session. 

Lesson activities are research-based, crafted to equip kids with sensory, emotional & social intelligence towards living an empowering childhood!

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Wide age groups


For ages 5 & 6
Class ratio: 
1 coach : 5 students
Location: neighbourhood parks


For ages 7-10
Class ratio
1 coach : 8 students

Location: neighbourhood parks


For 12-16
Class ratio

1 coach: 10 Students

Location: neighbourhood parks

Holiday Programs

For All ages
Held outdoors & 
In Gym & outdoors

Private Coaching

For 7-12

In Gym or Outdoors

Acrominds Teen Workshops

- Fear management

- Emotional Liberation

- Accelerated Learning

Held indoors & Gym

Not Just an outdoors class!

Acrominds work closely to meet parental needs as well. We strive to:

  • conduct lessons within your neighbourhood, at the most convenient time. 

  • Once a month live/zoom discussion to address the concerns & Strengths you wish your child to work on. 

  • Cost-friendly. 

  • Holiday Programs

  • Supports your child's school life 


Introducing The Acrominds Methodology!

Wholistic development for a future-ready childhood


  • Strength & Flexibility

  • Muscle Reflex & Agility

  • Psycho-motor develoment

  • Sensory development

  • Parkour-centric movements

Safe coaching approach led by qualified coaches in the field of parkour & gymnastics.


  • Reaction Time & Mental Agility

  • Growth & Training Mindsets

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Situational Adaptation

  • Multiple Intelligence

  • Mental Fortitude 

  • Meta Cognition skills

Developing high functioning mental processes of a pro-level athlete!


  • Positive Interactional skills

  • Expressing Empathy 

  • Peer Support & Leadership skills

  • Group-based Learning

  • Fun & Games!

Empowering Acrokids to have a successful future-ready livelihood!


  • Overcoming Fear & Anxieties

  • Motivational Strategies   

  • Overcoming Negative Thought 

  • Strengthening Intrinsic Motivations

  • Positive Identity formation

  • Self-efficacy 

An Acromind's secret recipe! 


  • Home engagement

  • Monthly group meeting (online or live) 

Acrominds program only works with parents involvement! It requires parents' observations & feedback as the class progresses. More information will be shared during our 1st parents gathering. 


Tried & tested lesson formats, Acrominds methodology is based on research from neuroscience, child-psychology & emotional technologies. Yes, it is a new program, but as seen with the hundreds of international school students who have experienced the methodology, we are confident Acrokids will develop their own unique sets of future-ready abilities while experiencing childhood with more joy, vigour & self-confidence.


Your Child/ren Will Discover How To Apply life Skills To Breeze Through Challenges of School Life.

We love to be transparent with our lesson plans. Here is an idea of what a 4-week lesson plan might look like!

Intrinsic confidence

Week 1:

Week 1 is about Inner confidence. Acrokids learn to shoo away negative thoughts about themselves and be less reliant on external praises and acknowledgement. As for all weeks, this is done through a series of physical activities, challenges, and coaches guidance. We're using parkour-based movements, jumping over, swinging & balancing on obstacles present in the neighbourhood parks.

Extrinsic motivation

Week 2:

The common idea is that extrinsic motivation is not recommended. Kids should have only intrinsic motivation! This is not true. Inner motivation does not work without external motivators. In this class, Acrokids discover they can get a thousand times better when they have a strong external motivator. They would also learn how to use external motivation to achieve mundane tasks like... homework!

Intrinsic Motivation

Week 3

In this class, Acrokids will meet a bigger challenge. Parents are not allowed, to cheer them on. Acrokids will learn how to draw motivation from within and accomplish a 'challenge' they might be terrified of at the start. Of course, all physical & emotional safety precautions are taken, plus, we will not force your child! We won't have to :) This challenge will inform parents & coaches that the intended strategies have been fully integrated. The question is, what will this tell the children about themselves?

Social Empathy

Week 4

On week 4: It's all about reaffirmation and celebration. Now that each and every one of Acrokids are now emotionally & mentally stronger, they are ready to support their friends! There will be group games, and reflection exercises afterwards!
What's next? Parents meeting! 

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Come In For A Taster Class!

Our Acrominds Sessions

Trial Session includes: 

  • Experience full Acrominds Session with the class.  

  • After-session feedback & recommendations.

What people are saying about the Acrominds approach.

"Coach Ash's teaching methods are great! I really like the Mind-over-Body concept, the way Coach Ash help us mentally to get over obstacles really helped me especially with the side flips."

Jon Stead, Student

" In gymnastics classes, Asraf is always engaging towards the gymnasts. He always uses positives and encouraging words to correct and help the gymnasts improve their skills.  He is a motivated coach who influences his gymnasts to always get  moving!"

Annie Toh, Gymnastics coach

Ash is magic with kids. His classes are consistently fun, exciting & challenging! With ten years of coaching experience under his belt, he uses a very interactive yet supportive approach and knows exactly how to skilfully push his students so that they can achieve their maximum potential. Besides having excellent communication skills, he is also a great listener- it’s no wonder why all his students are always clamouring to talk to him! Overall, a very dedicated, nurturing and fun-loving coach! :)

Crystal Lim, MOE Teacher

It really has helped me to think differently when it comes to fear. And not only it worked for me, but also for my friends too.
. Thus reducing the fear factor by a lot and makes learning skills a
whole lot faster.

Workshop Attendee

With Experienced Coaches From Multiple Desciplines

Acrominds Team!

A diverse tribe of coaches for your children to experience Acrominds with!

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 11.09.01 PM.png

(Coach Ash)

Founder & Trainer 
Curriculum developer

Lvl II British Gymnastics certifications

Multiple certifications in Emotional Competencies

Licensed Coach & Trainer of NLP

Over 10 years in coaching experience

Zhong Ming
(Coach Z)

Acrominds Trainer 

Gymnastics & Trampoline Coach

Bachelor in sports science & management 
Multiple coaching certifications

Over 5 years coaching experience 

Xi Ting
(Coach Jeanette)

Gymnastics & Trampoline Coach
Lvl 2 FIG Trampoline Coach

Bachelor in Exercise & Sports Science

Multiple certifications in Communication & Emotional Skills
Licensed Practitioner of NLP

Over 15 years in coaching experience 

Who Am I And Why I Created Acrominds?

It began when a 6-year-old stood up, and voiced out her rights


Years ago as an assistant coach,

I witnessed a 6-year-old gymnast stood up for what she taught was right. 
"Why must girls do it different than boys?!” -She argued back at her coach.
It was about finger positioning in gymnastics. Boys had closed fingers while girls had them open. 

I did not sleep that night, and the many nights to come. 
How is it that a 6-year-old is confident enough to stand up for what she believed in to a figure of authority?
While the 22-year-old me( and many other adults) didn’t even dare to do so.

Since then, in hopes to overcome my own
emotional & social anxieties,  
I quested myself to discover
what de-powers a child,
and exactly what it takes
To unleash a child’s confidence within.  

10 years later worth of observations, courses, and testing against ideas,
I found the core elements to the answer-
 That we can unleash the giant within children as long they have

a healthy & safe, and empowering learning environment.

I designed EC Academy for that very reason, and
Acrominds is part of the mission; 

For all of us to come together,
remove the unnecessary anxieties of school life,
and provide for both surrounding tribe leaders & children,
an Empowering Childhood.

Our Mantra: 
“It takes an Empowering Tribe to Raise an empowering Child” 

If you share the vision, let's nurture the empowering environment together!  


Acrominds membership options

Convenient & Cost Friendly


Acrominds Taster Pass

We run taster sessions on a monthly basis. Your children will experience the full session of week 1.

  • Introductory zoom meeting for parents 3 days before. 

  • After class personalized feedback :) 

$10 off sibling discounts (up to 3/pax) 


Acrominds Monthly Pass

  • 4-sessions per month

  • Acrominds Journal for Acrokids

  • Progress sticker booklet for AcroTots

  • 2 parents online or Live meeting per month

  • 20% sibling discounts(up to 3 siblings)

  • 20% Additional Discounts for Holiday Programs


Drop In Sessions

Can't come on a regular basis? Not a problem! Simply call and book in for available slots!

Register now

Now Running in Tampines & Bedok!

Limited Spots Available!

We are soon opening in Sengkang!

Sign up for a Taster Session now!

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