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14-18 June (Monday to Friday)
Via Zoom!

For age groups 7-10 & 11-13 respectively. Toddler siblings can follow along!


Level up

in VIRTUALLY 5-days!

Gymnastics | Parkour | Mindset | Games | Challenges | FUN!

Another semi-lockdown? Are your kids going hyper at home? No worries! Acrominds Virtual is here to help them release their energy while learning about physical and mental wellbeing

Five Days of 



Acrominds V-camps focus!

  1. Release pent-up energy 

  2. Stretch out & reset from HBL

  3. Get stronger & more flexible

  4. Achieve physical skills

  5. Understand the Training Mindset!

For Ages 


For ages (7-11)


For ages 7-11 +



For ages 7-11+

younger sibling +



Intergrated Movements Mindsets

With Acrominds Virtual camps


Home-safe gymnastics and parkour focused activities. Kids will achieve skills that include gymnastics balances and holds, and parkour movements. Lessons also include strengthening and stretching exercises.


Athletes will differentiate between 'play mindsets' vs 'training mindsets' and understand how to use them to achieve goals. Techniques are based on psychology, neuropsychology and neurolinguistic programming. 

Reflection & achievement

Combining effective journalling methods for children, Acrominds athletes identify self-defeating thoughts, and learn how to flip them around to overcome and achieve. Each session consist of 15 minutes journalling session + reflection to end the day.

Sample Timetable

60 minutes worth of jam-packed activities!


- Introduction
- Warm-up activities


- Skills + mindset
- Games & challenges
- Strengthening & Flexibility


- Acknowledgement
- Journalling
- What's for tomorrow!

Introducing The Acrominds Methodology!

Wholistic development for a future-ready childhood


  • Strength & Flexibility

  • Muscle Reflex & Agility

  • Psycho-motor develoment

  • Sensory development

  • Parkour-centric movements

Safe coaching approach led by qualified coaches in the field of parkour & gymnastics.


  • Reaction Time & Mental Agility

  • Growth & Training Mindsets

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Situational Adaptation

  • Multiple Intelligence

  • Mental Fortitude 

  • Meta Cognition skills

Developing high functioning mental processes of a pro-level athlete!


  • Positive Interactional skills

  • Expressing Empathy 

  • Peer Support & Leadership skills

  • Group-based Learning

  • Fun & Games!

Empowering Acrokids to have a successful future-ready livelihood!


  • Overcoming Fear & Anxieties

  • Motivational Strategies   

  • Overcoming Negative Thought 

  • Strengthening Intrinsic Motivations

  • Positive Identity formation

  • Self-efficacy 

An Acromind's secret recipe! 

Parent's involvement (for Acrominds Outdoors)

  • Home engagement

  • Bi-monthly group meeting (online or live) 

Acrominds program only works with parents involvement! It requires parents' observations & feedback as the class progresses. More information will be shared in during our 1st parents gathering. 


Tried & tested lesson formats, Acrominds methodology is based on research from neuroscience, child-psychology & emotional technologies. Yes, it is a new program, but as seen with the hundreds of international school students who has experienced the methodology, we are confident Acrokids will develop their own unique sets of future-ready abilities while experiencing childhood with more joy, vigour & self-confidence.

What people are saying about the Acrominds approach.

Jon Stead, Student

"Coach Ash's teaching methods are great! I really like the Mind-over-Body concept, the way Coach Ash help us mentally to get over obstacles really helped me especially with the side flips."

Acrominds Virtual Camps Coach 


(Coach Ash)

Founder & Trainer 
Curriculum developer

Lvl II British Gymnastics certifications

Multiple certifications in Emotional Competencies

Licensed Coach & Trainer of NLP

Over 10 years in parkour & gymnastics coaching experience

Who Am I And Why I Created Acrominds?

It began when a 6-year-old stood up, and voiced out her rights


Years ago as an assistant coach,

I witnessed a 6-year-old gymnast stood up for what she taught was right. 
"Why must girls do it different than boys?!” -She argued back at her coach.
It was about finger positioning in gymnastics. Boys had closed fingers while girls had them open. 

I could not sleep that night, and the many nights to come. 
How is it that a 6-year-old is confident enough to stand up for what she believed in to a figure of authority?
While the 22-year-old me( and many other adults) didn’t even dare to do so.

Since then, in hopes to overcome my own
emotional & social anxieties,  
I quested myself to discover
what de-powers a child,
and exactly what it takes
To unleash a child’s confidence within.  

10 years later worth of observations, courses, and testing against ideas,
I found the core elements to the answer-
 That we can unleash the giant within children as long they have

a healthy & safe, and empowering learning environment.

I designed EC Academy for that very reason, and
Acrominds is part of the mission; 

For all of us to come together,
remove the unnecessary anxieties of school life,
and provide for both surrounding tribe leaders & children,
an Empowering Childhood.

Our Mantra: 
“It takes an Empowering Tribe to Raise an empowering Child” 

If you share the vision, let's nurture the empowering environment together!  


Easy Sign up

Register your interest

We will confirm via Whatsapp!

2) Pre-session Set up

convert your living room into a mini fitness space. The session is best if it's done via the TV screen instead of Monitor. Otherwise, a space free from tables and chairs will suffice!

2) Join Whatsapp group.

Class details and zoom links will be sent via WhatsApp for convenience.

3) Attend!

Simple as that!


5-day Virtual camps cost

Attractive price list



Acrominds 20-page JOURNAL
Siblings below age 7 can follow along.
CERTIFICATES  of completion

Sibling Access 1


For 2 participants ages 7- 10

Printable 20-page journal x 2

Parents & siblings below ages 7 can follow along for free. 

Siblings access 2


For 3 participants ages 7- 10
Printable 20-page journal x 2
Parents & siblings below ages 7 can follow along for free.


Acrominds Virtual Camps Deliverables

What you kids will experience and achieve throughout camps?

7 Basic gymnastics shapes and movements patterns

Candle stick holds
Bear rolls
Bridge holds 
Rolling and tumbling
Frog holds
Wall handstand

4 Parkour Floor Skills

Falling Reflexes - How to fall safely

Body rolls

Animal-crawling (on hands and feet)  


Moving with Flow

Gymnastics conditioning

Leg strengthening
Core Strengthening
Upper arms strengthening

Acrominds' secret recipe

Play mindset VS Training mindset
Short burst motivation skills
Long term motivational skills
Receive a 20-page Journalling + Certification of completion!


Sign up now!

Dates: 14 - 18 June 2021 (Monday-Friday)

Time: 5pm  -6pm

Via zoom

1) Acess to zoom 
2) Exercise mat or home carpet
3) Living room TV (Recommended) or Laptop
4) Pillow

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