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Adult Students

Acrokids Camps!

For Ages 6

AcroX Holiday Camps
is a 5-day mind-body experience with the ultimate goal to master  'learning'
through movements explorations, nerve-wrecking challenges, and fun games. 
Along with it, 
pick up strategic thinking skills like 'planning to achieve'  
with emotional liberation skills like 'overcoming fear'. 
The activities are pieced together to infuse the necessary life skills that when used, can greatly help speed up learning anything the mind sets upon!


Parkour & Gymnastics Movement Patterns
Stretching & Conditioning
Challenges & Games

Sensory Skills

Acromind's Secret recepe!


Problem Solving
Goal Setting
Emotional Management

What will we cover

In Numbers

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Parkour + Gymnastics

  • Complete Parkour & Gym skills challenge of 44 skills. Bring home a certificate! 

  • Reflexes games

  • Stretching and conditioning 



  • 5 powerful sensory skills to enhance learning

  • 3 awesome skills to overcome distractions

  • 2 skills to increase focus



  • 3 Effective Goal setting skills to set compelling goals

  • 3 Growth mindset & reflection skills to overcome any blockages.  

  • 3 Emotional Management skills to breeze through down times. 



Muhammad Asraf (Coach Ash)

Founder, Trainer

  • Licensed NLP Coach & Trainer accredited by the Society of NLP, by Dr. Richard Bandler, Father of NLP. 

  • Multiple certifications in Emotional wellbeing

  • Multiple certifications in Gymnastics Coaching

  • Over 10 years of Gymnastics & Parkour Coaching in international schools and clubs

  • Parkour Singapore’s Technical Committee Member. 

  • PE Curriculum consultant & Developer for Tanglin Trust School.  


“I designed Acrominds for Youth to experience crucial life skills

through play and exploration - the lifeskills needed to breeze through towards a healthy and highly functioning life ahead of them. 

For this teen's program, I’m introducing a journaling skillset, an NLP-based journaling skillset- an approach that had helped me find solutions & overcome life's obstacles with motivation and speed. 

This 6 journalling method introduces analytical thinking skills & emotional management skills. Combined, they're designed to tap the mind-body into 'resource states' and 'flow states', which they can use to search for solutions to any challenges they face. 

Introducing The Acrominds Methodology!

Wholistic development for a future-ready childhood


  • Strength & Flexibility

  • Muscle Reflex & Agility

  • Psycho-motor develoment

  • Sensory development

  • Parkour-centric movements

Safe coaching approach led by qualified coaches in the field of parkour & gymnastics.


  • Reaction Time & Mental Agility

  • Growth & Training Mindsets

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Situational Adaptation

  • Multiple Intelligence

  • Mental Fortitude 

  • Meta Cognition skills

Developing high functioning mental processes of a pro-level athlete!


  • Positive Interactional skills

  • Expressing Empathy 

  • Peer Support & Leadership skills

  • Group-based Learning

  • Fun & Games!

Empowering Acrokids to have a successful future-ready livelihood!


  • Overcoming Fear & Anxieties

  • Motivational Strategies   

  • Overcoming Negative Thought 

  • Strengthening Intrinsic Motivations

  • Positive Identity formation

  • Self-efficacy 

An Acromind's secret recipe! 

Parent's involvement (for Acrominds Outdoors)

  • Home engagement

  • Bi-monthly group meeting (online or live) 

Acrominds program only works with parents involvement! It requires parents' observations & feedback as the class progresses. More information will be shared in during our 1st parents gathering. 


Tried & tested lesson formats, Acrominds methodology is based on research from neuroscience, child-psychology & emotional technologies. Yes, it is a new program, but as seen with the hundreds of international school students who has experienced the methodology, we are confident Acrokids will develop their own unique sets of future-ready abilities while experiencing childhood with more joy, vigour & self-confidence.

What people are saying about the Acrominds approach.

"Coach Ash's teaching methods are great! I really like the Mind-over-Body concept, the way Coach Ash help us mentally to get over obstacles really helped me especially with the side flips."

Jon Stead, Student

" In gymnastics classes, Asraf is always engaging towards the gymnasts. He always uses positives and encouraging words to correct and help the gymnasts improve their skills.  He is a motivated coach who influences his gymnasts to always get  moving!"

Annie Toh, Gymnastics coach

Ash is magic with kids. His classes are consistently fun, exciting & challenging! With ten years of coaching experience under his belt, he uses a very interactive yet supportive approach and knows exactly how to skilfully push his students so that they can achieve their maximum potential. Besides having excellent communication skills, he is also a great listener- it’s no wonder why all his students are always clamouring to talk to him! Overall, a very dedicated, nurturing and fun-loving coach! :)

Crystal Lim, MOE Teacher

It really has helped me to think differently when it comes to fear. And not only it worked for me, but also for my friends too.
. Thus reducing the fear factor by a lot and makes learning skills a
whole lot faster.

Workshop Attendee

Sample Session Flow

Here is how the session looks like

15min:  Preframing & Goal Setting

20 mins: Stretches & Warm-ups
20 mins: Parkour Skills Exploration
20 mins: Urban Gymnastics

Snack Break: 15 minutes 

20 mins: Mind-heart Skill 1 - Parkour 

20 mins: Mind-heart skill 2 - Gymnastics 

20 mins: Game & Sensory skills 

10 mins: Cool down stretches

20 mins: Journalling & Reflection.




5-day camps inclusive of

1) 15 hours of training over 5 days

2) Training resources  

3) A5 sketchbook for journaling

4) $25 off Sibling Discount. 

Reading Map on Mobile

Location & Timing

Time: 9.30am - 12.30am 

Day 1 - 4 | Outdoors @ GreenRidges in Tampines

Day 5 | Gym facility @ (TBC)


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