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M. Asraf, Founder 

Professional certificate in Psychology 

International Certificate in Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility

Licenced Master Practioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Licenced Coach & Trainer of Neurological Linguistic Programming.

Over 10 years of working with children

A 10-year obsession


The search begins

Coming out of my own shades of grey, i began to look outwards. And no matter how hard i tried, can't ignore it... 

and began obsessing over it. 

How do we mess children up, and how to do empower them? 

How come some of my closest friends didn't make it. 

Suicides vs a successful life...

Years on through, answers came a slap in the face at a time.  And the main theme is communication.

I've observed excellent interactions and poor ones, made many mistakes myself and experimented with correcting them, and had written down over 100 000 on what works and what don't. 

Ofcourse, with the help of all these amazing life-changers i've learnt from and trained under! 

After all the training it's time to share!

Workshops, Kids camps, private 1-1. The ideas are based on latest human development technologies. But it wasn't enough!

More Than Coachin Workshop
These guys understand the science behind fear, and landed a backflip in just 2 hours of training!
Helping out with mind-body workshops!
She's afraid of cats, and i was curious as a cat to see if she'd touch one!
Gamesbond! This was where things began to spark! We had a 3 in one camps program! Move + EC collabor

Some kind words from people

Ng Xin Yi (27, Singapore), Entrepreneur

I was looking to understand myself better and clarity in my life, and I told myself : ENOUGH! No more losing time and living my life in a haze. So I was introduced to Muhammad Asraf in a networking session. I decided to approach him for help.
Muhammad Asraf introduced me to the Wheel of Life Exercise which helps me to have an overview of my life in multiple aspects and look at different aspects of my life and The Funeral Exercise which helps me to visualised and understand myself who do I want to be.
Muhammad Asraf is caring, calm and strong throughout which makes it easy to openly discuss about my self and my obstacles with him. He provides sound and actionable advice that can be applied immediately. His answers are reflective and make me be more self aware of myself.
I have a clearer picture of who I want to be, and also what I want in my life.
If you are looking for an nlp coach, look no further, Muhammad Asraf is the coach for you!

Max overcomes Fear
Welcome video: Video Testimonial

Right now

With massive encouragement from coaches, parents, and schools.  Impactful collaborations with several international schools and sports service providers, I realise one thing!:

We all wish to empower children on the daily! Here's where I spent years putting together EC academy! 

What is EC Academy? It's a bridge to link you with amazing ideas! 

Crossing the Bridge


...building bridges to connect amazing ideas to the rest of us! I wish to build bridges so people can cross over to a better life! 

When it comes to empowering children, or empowering ourselves. 

And i hope you can enjoy it and if you're willing, build bridges so children all over the world can get to a better place.

If you're on that journey to, or wish to get onboard, i'd love to meet you!

Let's connect! 

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