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Wordsmith Weekly is a comprehensive online program designed to empower teachers, coaches, and parents with advanced communication skills. Just like a skilled locksmith, this masterclass will provide you with the tools and techniques to become a "lock picker" of communication, enabling you to open doors of understanding, inspiration, and growth in every child's life. We utilize researched-based concepts and models from the field of psychology, neuroscience, linguistic programming, and the science of emotions. Tried and tested over 10 years and with over 1000 children, our methods have been covertly implemented in the field of gymnastics coaching and moral development enrichment classes.

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The Mission: Create a Nurturing Environment for Every Child

At Wordsmith Weekly, we are on a mission to create a nurturing environment where every child can thrive through effective communication. We believe that a single word can make or break a child, and by equipping educators and caregivers with the right communication skills, we can make a positive impact on the lives of children.

It Takes An Empowering Tribe To Raise Empowering Children

We firmly believe that empowering children takes a tribe. As parents, teachers, and coaches, you are the tribe leaders who play a crucial role in shaping the lives of young individuals. Our day-to-day interaction can either de-empower a child or empower a child. Through the Wordsmith Weekly masterclass, you will learn how to choose your words wisely and unlock the full potential of every child in your care.

"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice." - Peggy O'Mara

How The Session will Look Like

Exceptional Quality

60-90 mins zoom sessions

Interactive Discussions and group activities

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Case Studies


Peer-Practice and Exercises

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